5 Steps To A Totally Transformed Closet

Headshot and title for Lisa Kaplan, a Professional Organizer in South Florida and the Founder of Your Pro Organizer.

Welcome back! Last December we posted on a topic that most of our clients struggle with. Streamlining their wardrobe so that every piece they own is one they love and use. If you haven’t yet read it, drop everything and sneak a peak at “The Wardrobe Cleanse That Works!” You can only achieve the TRUE results after both steps are complete, so don’t miss out!

Now that you have trimmed the fat and you are living with your most favorite pieces it’s time to get the “magazine worthy” closet you always dreamed of. Here are our expert tips to creating picture perfection in your formerly cluttered closet.

1. Arrange By Type And Color

Skirts go with skirts, shirts with shirts, etc. Once this is done, color coding within these sections (white, black, then following the ROYGBIV rainbow guide) will not only look incredible, it will help you find pieces more easily.

2. Coordinate Your Hangers

This might seem like an unnecessary extra step. After all, we are talking about getting your clothing in order. As long as it’s hanging it should be fine right? Keeping clothing on the same style hanger not only frees up space, but it gives your closet a uniform look. It also places each piece on a “level playing field” which will help you spot the items that are no longer relevant to you in the future.

3. Label It!

Depending on how thoroughly you previously sorted, you may have just the right amount of clothing to fit comfortably in your space, or you may not. If it’s still a tight squeeze, you might consider investing in some clothing rod dividers. These dividers allow you to create visibly defined sections based on the types of clothing you have. This is also a great option if you have someone else using the space like a housekeeper or a partner who is helping with the laundry.

4. Containerize Folded Clothing

As a professional organizer, folded clothing kept outside a drawer is a personal nightmare. Sure, if you spend the time folding everything uniformly and stacking it by type and color it can give your closet that “department store” feeling…at least until the next time you need a piece of clothing. As soon as you need to get to something, these stacks become a jumbled mess of toppled-over piles of clothing shoved on a shelf. A chest of drawers is ideal for folded clothing. If yours is full or you don’t have one at all, consider adding baskets to an open shelf. It is a great way to contain folded items, giving you a uniform look and separation between types of clothing. Technique: Clothing should be folded as compact as the piece will permit. This allows it to stand upward in your drawer (or basket) so that you can arrange in rows rather than stacked one on top of another.

5. Solve It With Shelving

Utilize shelving for lesser used accessories or bulky seasonal items. I generally do not like to separate clothing by season, but some of the more cumbersome items like ski jackets and snow boots are appropriate pieces to containerize and place “up.” Accessories like purses and hats are also great items to shelve. To keep your shelves looking their best, label just underneath each item and make sure there is space between sections so getting to whatever you need is simple and effortless.

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